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 At the Feb. 13, 2017, Klein ISD Board of Trustees meeting, the Board voted to approve the District of Innovation plan, therefore confirming that exemptions outlined in the local innovation plan for implementation to benefit Klein ISD students.


“We are thrilled that Klein ISD is now a District of Innovation,” said Klein ISD chief learning officer, Jenny McGown. “We look forward to leveraging this increased local control to make our shared vision of every student entering with a promise and exiting with a purpose a reality.”


With the passing of House Bill 1842 in the spring of 2015, gave public school districts the opportunity to become Districts of Innovation, which will allow Klein ISD to obtain more local control in various areas that will make teaching and learning more impactful for every student’s needs.


Without the help of our Klein ISD community, administrators, and staff, this would not be possible. We want to thank each and every member who shared with us their thoughts and feedback throughout this process. Additional thanks to everyone who served on the Local Innovation Plan Team and the District Instructional Development Council who helped to review and finalize the plan.


“We are so grateful to the outstanding educators, parents, and community members who served on the local innovation plan team and for the support of our Klein ISD Board of Trustees,” said McGown.


You can read more about our District of Innovation by clicking here. 



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